November 8, 2019



You may not picture an office job as injury-prone work, but jobs that involve a lot of sitting can be harmful to your health — and may result in injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, and issues with neck or shoulder mobility.


One study of nearly 8,000 adults found that on average, people spend about 12 hours per day sitting. All the time spent sitting, especially if you don’t have healthy posture or proper back and neck support, can add up to significant health concerns. Regardless of how much exercise you get, sitting for long periods of time is suggested to increase your risk for heart disease and stroke. That’s not to mention the risk of repetitive stress injuries, which are caused by repeated motions for extended periods of time — such as working on a computer and typing on a keyboard.


If you sit a desk for the majority of your workday, it’s important to create healthy habits and invest in supportive tools and accessories to keep your body fit.

Here are some tips to help you avoid strains, aches, and long-term pain at your office job, so you can focus on being both productive and comfortable throughout the day.

  1. Wear a Fitness Tracker

Many people have a commute to work that involves riding in a car, or taking some sort of transportation — and this is just the beginning of the sedentary day for an office worker.


To avoid sitting for long periods at a time, consider wearing a fitness tracker that monitors the amount of time you stay in one place. You can program the device to alert you after a specific amount of time, at which point it will remind you to get up and move.


You can also program fitness trackers to monitor your steps by the hour. Try setting a goal for yourself to achieve a certain number of steps in one day — your fitness tracker can help you monitor whether you’re hitting your goals, and push you to be more active throughout the day to meet those goals. A wearable device serves as a constant reminder to get up from the desk to take walks, stretch, and move your body.


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