December 20, 2019



To a business, productivity is output. It can be the number of units being sold, it can be the number of happy customers every month, it can be the number of targets being hit. Productivity is a very wide-ranging subject which is measured in very different ways by various business.

To an employee, productivity is the amount of work they’re doing every day, and how accurate it is. For instance, you can churn out task after task, but if you’re making mistakes and it’s full of inaccuracies, it’s not high quality and therefore you’re not productivity. In many ways you could say that you measure productivity by the number of tasks completed, minus the mistakes, to give you the full picture.

Time management helps you to arrange the tasks you need to do in order to fit into your working hours, but also to ensure that you have enough time to spend on each one. You can pack in several tasks, but if you don’t give yourself a realistic amount of time to focus on each one, it’s not going to work.

In that case, learning about time management strategies is vital.

By doing this, you’re understanding how long each task takes, you’re scheduling things in according to that amount of time, and you’re also allowing a little breathing space, in case another urgent task comes your way unexpectedly.

Of course, sitting at your executive chairs and trying to work as much as possible during a day can also cause stress. If you’re not in control of your time, you’ll find that it slips away far too easily, leaving you wondering how you’re going to fit the tasks in that you need to do. This means you’re going to be overwhelmed, stressed out, and therefore very unproductive. You’re also going to be unhealthy as a result.

Using to do lists, scheduling, and other methods can help you to gain control, learn your specific productive times, and work everything into your schedule in a way which suits you.

This, ladies and gentlemen, makes you productive!

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