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You might think that much of what you read in specific psychological theories are just that - theories, but they’re based upon years of studies and research. Whilst you can’t categorically stay that every single person on the planet responds in a set way according to the results of a theory, you can say that they will be influenced by the elements mentioned within it to a certain degree.

If you can motivate even a handful of your employees by learning about the specifics in these theories, surely it’s worth it?

For instance, we know that biophilic design, the art of bringing elements of nature into your office, boosts productivity, reduces stress and increases happiness at work. Is that the same for everyone? Not to the same degree, but it will affect the majority of workers in that office and it will bring results. The same goes for psychological theories which may explain why humans behave the way they do at work.

We’re not suggesting that you become an expert in all workplace psychology theories, but learning about the key ones will certainly help you to get more from your employees during their working hours at their designer office desks. By doing that, you’ll be able to grab the benefits of motivation in the workplace and you’ll notice results coming your way quite quickly afterwards.

The basis of all theories relating to motivation links to specific needs being met. In order for someone to be motivated to achieve something, they need to know what it will bring them, i.e. what’s in it for them, how it will make them feel, and it needs to satisfy specific needs, such as financial, emotional, safety, etc.

When you present a specific and large task to an employee, think about the way you “sell” it. Don’t just give it to them and say “here, do this”, because in that case, they’re going to simply add it to their ever-growing to do list and not feel particularly motivated to get on with it. Instead, explain why the task is important, highlight the reasons why you’ve chosen them to do it and the points which they might enjoy. By doing this, you’re satisfying needs and producing a sense of motivation within them.

So, do motivational theories in the workplace actually work? Yes, provided you understand them correctly in the first place.

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