January 16, 2020


Workplace conflict is something which can certainly put a dampener on proceedings, to say the least!

When an office is pulled apart by various conflicts going on, it’s not going to be a pleasant place to work and it won’t be a productive place either. Staff are more likely to leave, in order to find relief from conflict and you’re going to find that word gets out, so you’ll struggle to attract fresh talent to the office.

It’s not a good picture, that’s for sure.

In order to improve workplace productivity levels, conflict management needs to be high quality and quickly put into place. Of course, productivity shouldn’t be the only reason you’re focusing on banishing this problem - morale will take the biggest dip possible if you allow conflicts to continue.

Managers need to have effective conflict management training in order to help colleagues solve the problems that occur at their office desks or around the boardroom table, but employees also need to understand that most things can be ironed out by talking about the problem in a calm and professional way and sometimes simply agreeing to disagree.

From a productivity point of view, here are 5 ways in which effective conflict management improves the entire picture.

When conflicts are less, stress is reduced - Colleagues involved in a conflict are likely to be experiencing a high amount of stress and that is extremely damaging for morale and conflict. When such problems are handled quickly and effectively, stress is reduced, which increases the likelihood of productivity following the same pattern.

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