January 16, 2020



We’ve already touched upon the idea that when you’re feeling uplifted and positive, it’s easier to come up with new ideas and suggestions. Some of these ideas will be creative and different to the types of ideas you would normally have, and that’s a side effect of the increased confidence that works hand in hand with positive thinking.

When you’re preparing for a promotion, you need to come up with ideas as to why you’re the best candidate. What have you got that the other people applying haven’t got? This is where your positive thinking will help you out because you’ll be able to identify those points and think a little more creatively too. Who knows, you might just tap into something which singles you out as the one to choose, over someone else who is almost neck and neck with you. Sometimes it really can come down to the smallest detail, and your positivity and creative thinking could be what helps you out.

That confidence might be what carries you through towards success and it’s extremely impressive also. It shows the panel that you’re self-assured, that you believe in yourself and that you’re able to think a little outside of the box. These are all traits which are required to succeed in the world of work, whatever your position.

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